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This Jeep had many problem areas - the body & frame were badly rusted, the transmission
leaked in several different areas and the motor was blown.
1987 Jeep Wrangler
4.2L - Automatic
Spring 2007
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Division of Auto Specialties
Gastonia, North Carolina
A semi-gloss finish was applied on all under hood parts, as well as the chassis.  A
remanufactured motor was installed & the transmission was rebuilt.
The body was installed along with the front sheet metal.  The rest of the motor accessories
were installed.  The dash, steering column, brakes and wiring harness were installed.  The
fluids were filled and the motor was ran and brought up to temperature.  All is good.
A donor body was taken from our inventory.  It only needed minor sand blasting on the firewall.  
The entire chassis was scraped and wire brushed, pressure washed & sanded blasted.  
Epoxy primer was applied to all bare metal areas.
The body work was completed and primed.  Viper Red base coat / clear coat was
applied.  The interior received a spray-on bed liner.  We rolled a new set of wheels
& tires up to the freshly painted Jeep just to show a different look.
Final assembly took place. New seats & console were installed.  A posi-lok was put
in the front axle disconnect.  Nerf bars and a black powder coated stainless steel
hood kit were installed.  This is becoming one sharp "YEAR ONE"  Wrangler.
The Jeep was reunited with its owner in the beginning of May
2007.  We were honored to rebuild this Wrangler for one of our
country's finest, who served in Afghanistan during this project.  
We appreciate all of our service men & women who sacrifice so
much, including time away from their families in order to protect
our precious freedom.  We thank you!